Ruler Snake


Having to come up with new ideas all the time is part of the fun of being a teacher!

Today I came up with a snake game to help one of my pupils learn how to draw straight lines using a ruler.  Hand/ eye coordination, counting and fun involved in this game :-)

Get yourself a piece of 1 cm squared paper, a dice, sharp pencils and a ruler.   Very simply you will be creating a long bending snake on the page – it’s a bit like an old computer game I used to play!  

Throw the dice and draw a line the corresponding number of centimetres, if you throw a 6 draw a line 6 cm long and have another go because it’s a 6.  Now the other player throws the dice and can draw their straight line on the end or turn it through 90 degrees.  The idea of the game is to not let the snake bump into itself, if you do you lose.

Sounds simple, but for those that struggle with getting a ruler to draw a straight line it can take a lot of concentration and this is a very good game to help them learn how to do it.  You might need to teach how to hold the ruler straight as well before you play the game.